There is at least one ancient temple we get to see in every village in our undivided South Canara district. Such temples had been established since hundreds of years ago to invoke the faith in earnest devotees. Among those we get to see the inscriptions related to some temples; but, it is difficult to know the details of many temples such as the person who built it, the time when it was built and how it was built. It is needed necessary to collect the information regarding the history of each temple where the information has been passed or migrated from generation to generation through the word of mouth.

It is our important duty and need to collect the information before it disappears.

If we collect the information from the people who are alive, who got it from their earlier generation related to the information of temples, importance of the holy place, it would be a great service from our side to our future generation.

It is essential, useful information and eternal also. It would be possible to try to make up the short comings in the area of historical writings if the wise and patriotic people of every village in our district take initiative to collect the information of temples and write about it.

The Managing Trustee of the Kemmannu Shree Durgaparameshwari Temple has come forward to collect and publish the book of this beautiful and miraculous holy place. I felicitate his venture; my wish is that the books must be published on all the ancient temples of our district taking this as an ideal. In this book, details of the origin of Kemmannu Durgaparameshwari and existent glories have been included. Besides, the article of Dr Gururaja Bhatt, a well-known researcher and also an scholarly writer Shree Krishnaraya is also included about the temple remarkable. As a result of this introduction, the origin and establishment of Shree Durgaparameshwari Temple will not be perished as a history but prevails forever. I earnestly pray all those who read the introduction of this temple would get the blessings of Shree Devi and fill their life with prosperity.



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